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Teresa at AmeriPlex Realtors was awesome to work with! Not only did she find our buyer in three days, but she was able to get us an offer above our asking price! Most of all, she took what could be an overwhelming experience, and made it simple by keeping us well informed of every detail and helping us along the way. All of our expectations were exceeded! – Jason & Brenda Tugwell

Thank you, Teresa for selling my home! – Holly Bennett

So great meeting you! So grateful you are the ones buying the house! Teresa, thank you for all of your hard work!! 🙂 – Kelley Workman

Teresa found us the perfect house. She listened to what we wanted/needed and searched until she found it. When our new house came on the market, she notified us within hours and we were the first to see it and bought it! I would recommend her to anyone looking in this area. She has energy, experience and will do a good job for her clients. – Carole & Joe Hardgrove

Teresa, this is the third time you have helped me with a real estate transaction within the past two years. First, you sold my luxury home within 2 months when I had it listed with other real estate companies for over 4 years! Then, you helped me find a rental property to move into temporarily while things were working out with my business. Now, I am ready to buy a home again and you found me a fabulous deal on a short sale property. Yes, it has been a pain in the you know what trying to get the deal closed because it is a short sale, but we are going to closing tomorrow and I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for hanging in there with me and for all you have done! – N. Dunn, Fort Worth, TX

Thanks to you Teresa. This sale was a lot of work and you did a great job. Hope we can work together again in the future. – J. Land, Phoenix, AZ

Thanks so much for all you did! J. I will be passing referrals on to you in the future. You were awesome! – H. Mahoney, Fort Worth, TX

 “You got my house sold when I needed it most. Your professionalism is above and beyond and your expertise in the real estate market is tremendous. Thank you Teresa from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me and my family”. – M. Paton, Dallas, TX

“Your help with my builder and getting my new home built was fantastic. Your knowledge of the real estate industry, building materials, and closing procedure are amazing. I am going to recommend everyone I know to call Teresa for any and all of their real estate needs!” – L. Hawkins, Denton, TX

“Teresa, thanks for hanging in there with me when I was trying to buy my first home. I was nervous and naive. You held my hand through the whole process and guided me in the right direction. Not only did I get a GREAT deal on the home I bought, but you had to teach the lender a thing or two about financing….LOL. I’m so happy and will always recommend you to all of my friends and associates at American Airlines. Thanks so much!” – F. Dyde, Lewisville, TX

Thanks so much for checking. AND THANKS A HEAP….FOR LISTING AND SELLING THE PLACE. YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST EVER IN THE BUSINESS….BAR NONE!!!!! Cannot say THANKS enough for all that you did….and put up with…..It was an awesome experience. Hugs and much luff, – pK, 5337 El Campo AvenueLewisville, TX

“I was with a lesser agent for 266 days and home not sold. I called Teresa & home sold for 99.5% of asking price within 10 days! If you want your home SOLD call Teresa…..if you want your home listed call anyone else.” – M. Chapman

Dustin Practico (Copy)

Teresa was a miracle worker for us. We were moving from DC and needed a home quick. She was very friendly and knowledgeable on the entire process of buying our first home. She understood exactly what we were looking for and would not let us settle for anything that was not the best. There were multiple homes that we had considered and she was very upfront about the homes that we had chosen. She would point out defects that we did not see and areas that were not the best for our growing family. She could have easily have sold us on a few of the homes and it would have made the process a lot easier and quicker for her…but she wanted us to buy a home that was perfect for us. We really appreciated her helpfulness throughout the entire process. When we did find the home that we wanted, she was on our side the entire time. She negotiated for us with the builder to get things that were not included at no additional cost. She is the only Realtor that I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a home in the DFW area. We had looked into a few but she was the clear favorite. She was the only one that was genuinely concerned about our needs, no matter how long it took. She was with us through every part of the process…beginning to end. Even at closing when our two year old starting acting up, she kicked into family mode and entertained him while still ensuring that everything was done properly. When you go with Teresa, she does not feel like a “Realtor” but more like a part of the family! Extremely knowledgeable and reliable. She will always respond quickly to any of your questions/calls. My highest recommendation! – Dustin Pratico

I can easily recommend Teresa, I am a real estate investor and not all realtors have the knowledge or foresight of what it takes to put investor deals together to everyone’s satisfaction, Teresa can easily. – Russell D.

Teresa-You have been amazing! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work in selling our home and for helping us find and acquire our new one. You have made this process easy and enjoyable. We are deeply grateful! – Kyle and Stacie Sherman

You all did an awesome job!! We are so blessed to have had you help us make this happen! – Roger Hauf

I just wanted to send a note saying thank you to all of you for your commitment to getting this done. I truly appreciate your help – and your patience explaining things to me! – Danielle (Dani) Hauf

Wishing the BEST Realtor in the entire world a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ~ David King

I’m not one of those who join just to be joining, but I would like to join with the others who have recommended Teresa Von Illyes. What more can be said Teresa can fulfill all of your needs and requirements when buying or selling real property. – Harvey Boulanger owner RBC Roofing

Sold the house! Closing is later today. I didn’t say anything earlier as I’m superstitious. Special thanks to Teresa von Illyes of Ameriplex Realtors for the hard work. She had to deal w/ a difficult buyer & a neurotic seller. Thank you Teresa! – Bill Stober, seller Birchman property

Yes I would highly recommend her. She was very helpful, kept me informed and dealt with the few hiccups that arose in a timely and professional way. I basically talked to her, agreed to go with her and sat back, she did the rest. I believe it took about 4 months to sell and 2 months to close. I will most definitely use her again. I hope this helps, feel free to call or email with anymore questions. – Danny Bass. 817-240-5837

Thank you so much for helping us make contact and sell our Pyramid Acres property. We had a deposit in the bank this morning. As I told you, this was to help fund our daughter’s college education. She will be most excited when she hears the property has sold. – Lee and Lee Holden

Teresa, thank you so much for the spa certificate! You really didn’t have to, but I’m really looking forward to using it! You were a delight to work with. Thank you for your guidance and patience especially. I will definitely be dropping your name to friends in need of a Realtor. Praying God blesses your family and business beyond your dreams. Thank you again for everything. – Susan

Teresa was absolutely fantastic! She and her team deserve 10 Stars!! We found her after we had an unsuccessful 6 months with a different agent. Her team markets the home using videos on youtube and listing it on many websites. This gave us more showings in one month than we did in six months with the previous agent. Teresa’s communication with us was phenomenal. We had already moved away from Texas, so we never got to meet her in person, but she quickly responded to any inquiries such as home alarm issues, feedback responses, & next steps we needed to take to sell our home by calling, texting, or emailing us back immediately. Her negotiation skills are top notch. She explained everything perfectly and would give great advice if asked. I would definitely recommend her! – Seller, Single Family home in 2014 in Woodhaven, Fort Worth, TX.

Teresa has helped me and my daughter buy 11 homes in the fort worth area, she has also gotten us renters for most of the homes we have there now. we would and currently use her for finding more investment real estate – Mtg Master (Rated Teresa with 5-Stars in Zillow – Highly likely to recommend)

Teresa shared her knowledge of the market and most especially, our neighborhood. She advised us to what needed to be done to make our home sell in this market and how to stage our home to appeal to the majority of buyers. She sold our home within a month of the listing date and negotiated an unusual buyer/seller agreement. – Sondie Reynolds

Teresa was fantastic to work with in so many ways! I couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor. She was so patient with us and she made everything go as smoothly as possible. We put our house on the market and closed within two weeks. She marketed our house very well and I know that is the reason why it sold so quickly. She is a gem! I could go on and on. I will certainly use her again in the future if I decide to sell again. I’ve already referred her to our old neighbors and they were very pleased as well. – Seller, Single Family home in 2014, Weatherford, TX.

Teresa was very patient, informative, and helpful. She is easy to talk to and was always very pleasant and good natured. Her extensive real estate knowledge helped me get a great price for my home. Whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend you give her a call. – Lizybeth Marie

Well we closed on our house yesterday. After 10 years we decided to close that chapter and begin another someplace else. Yes we are also homeless. Didn’t get to start on new house before old one sold. So we are RV living for now. Will make traveling on weekend much more convenient! ! It’s already prepped to go. Have one more day to get out of house. How exciting and scary all at once. Good time to sell your home. Teresa von Illyes made the experience feel doable. I never doubted she would do what she claimed she could and she certainly did! Thank you and all our friends that have helped us get out in one week!! Geez!!! – Tammy Bryant

My wife and I were going through a divorce and the expenses of that ate up any money we had for mortgage payments. The family court ordered us to sell our property immediately and recommended AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. because of their experience in pre-foreclosure properties. I called Teresa and she came out the same day! We sold our property in less than four weeks and avoided a long foreclosure proceeding. Thanks Teresa! – Chris P.

I am a single mother with two kids. I purchased a new home in 2006 with no money down and on one of those option arms. Needless to say, with the taxes and interest rate increase my payment went through the roof! I was about to walk away from the property when a friend of mine recommended I call AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. I made the call and spoke with Teresa. Her knowledge was amazing and she really put me at ease. She immediately stuck a sign in the yard and started working with my lender. We sold the property in less than six weeks and she found me another property to rent without having to do a credit qualification. That time in my life could have been horrible, but I made the RIGHT call! Thank you so much! – Janie S.

My wife died about a year ago from breast cancer. The medical bills were astronomical! I was behind on everything! The utility company had already shut off my utilities and I was on the brink of foreclosure. I moved out of the property in the middle of the night and was just going to let the lender take it over. One day, I got a letter in the mail from AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. stating that they were the foreclosure and short sale experts. There was a part of me that wanted to throw the letter in the trash, but I didn’t. I called Teresa and we met for a cup of coffee. I explained to her my desperate situation and she listened with a warm heart. Then, I took her to the property so she could look around. We immediately struck a deal and she put a real estate sign in the yard. She started working with the lender and called some of her buyer clients. Within 24 hours we had an offer on my house and the lender agreed to allow me to do a short sale on the property! I will be eternally grateful to Teresa and AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. for everything they have done for me! – Mark B.

I purchased my house in 2005 and now I find out that I paid WAY too much money for the property! I recently married and my wife and I purchased another home through AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. We immediately put our home up for sale with AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. However, the other properties that had sold in the area really made us look upside down on the property. We did not have the money to bring to closing. We discussed in detail our options with Teresa and she explained to us about a short sale. Within 48 hours of having the home on the market Teresa had an offer on the property, but the appraisal absolutely killed the deal!!!! We had no other choice, but to follow her advice about a short sale. We gave the lender permission to speak with Teresa and within 5 weeks the home was SOLD and out of our hair!!! I’m afraid it could have gotten really ugly had we not had an expert like Teresa and AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. looking out for us! Thanks so much! – Kyle G.

My father passed away recently and his home was left as part of his estate. He and my mother had purchased their “dream” home in 2006. We had no idea that he would have been upside down on the property until we started talking with other real estate agents. They told us that there was no way we could sell the property for what was owed and that the estate would have to pay the difference. Our probate attorney recommended that we call AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. because of their vast experience in foreclosure and short sale properties. We did not want the property to go into foreclosure and had no clue what a short sale was. We called Teresa and she met with us at our attorney’s office. After she explained everything to us, we were so relived. We signed the listing agreement and immediately gave Teresa the authorization to speak with the lender. The home sold in 6 weeks and the estate did not have to pay one penny to sale the property! We are so grateful!!! – Greenard Clain

Teresa, We cannot give you enough praise for all you have done for us in a most desperate time. Your experience, in our eyes, is unequaled and your foresight into what we were facing was beyond any Realtor we had previously tried. You were able to sell our house quickly. Selling this house saved us from years of bad credit and possible litigation! This sell was huge for us! We are so grateful to have had you working for us.Thank you! -Terry and Angela Keys

Teresa was an absolute pleasure to work with when we bought and sold our houses! She found the ideal home for us before it even hit the market by utilizing her extensive knowledge of the market and network within the market. I would recommend her to anyone wanting an effective and enthusiastic realtor! – zuser20140609090919155 (Rated Teresa with 5-Stars in Zillow – Highly likely to recommend)