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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”1045″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]finding a home logoLooking for a new home can be an exciting and challenging experience. Having a real estate professional that takes the time to understand your unique needs and lifestyle is important. We are Certified Buyer’s Representatives which means we can efficiently, effectively and competently negotiate a contract for our buyers and help buyers accomplish their goal of finding a home for their own in Fort Worth real estate market, Southlake real estate market and anywhere in the North Texas area.

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Seven Steps to Finding a Home

1. In Finding a Home, Find the Best Realtor in your targeted market areas

Congratulations on your decision in finding a home! It is important to select a professional Realtor to work with you before you begin house hunting, so that your Realtor can help you define what kind of home and neighborhood would best suit your desires and needs. AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. hires only the best of the best! Therefore, your home buying experience will be smooth and enjoyable. Our associates are experts in the above mentioned markets.

2. Get PRE-APPROVED first before finding a home

You need to find out what you can afford before you start finding a home. The best way to do this is to get pre-approved for a home loan. At AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. our Realtors can refer you to a mortgage professional to begin the process within our specialty markets and beyond. Sellers want insurance that the buyer has financing approved before accepting an offer on their property. Once you are pre-approved, the seller can feel confident in knowing that you:

  • have completed an extensive financial background check.
  • have a lender who will loan you the money to purchase the home.
  • are ahead of the game and ready to negotiate on the property.

Getting pre-approved requires that the lender review your finances, confirming pay stubs, tax records, credit accounts, bank statements and sometimes more. The pre-approval amount will not only be a reliable estimate of what you can afford, but your pre-approval also indicates that a lender is willing to do business with you, pending the purchase price, market appraisal and the underwriting process.

3. Time to shop and begin finding a home!!!!

Now, the fun part begins! Your expert Realtor at AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. can show you any home currently listed on our specialty markets and beyond.
Most buyers are familiar with house hunting through the Internet. Your professional Realtor at AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. can also provide you with a list of properties that match your specific needs and requirements. Remember, your professional Realtor at AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. has the expertise to negotiate on your behalf, and will work diligently to provide you with exceptional service throughout your entire home buying process.
Also, remember that statistics show, according to the National Association of Realtors, that over 82% of home sales are a result of agent connections. At AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. our agents have the best technology and are experts in Fort Worth, Southlake, North Texas area and beyond.
* National Association of REALTORS®

4. Let’s get your new home: Finding a home rolling..!

You have found the perfect house and now it is time to make an offer. At AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. our Realtors are experts in packaging an attractive offer for the seller. Our goal is to secure you the home of your dreams. Therefore, we will negotiate for you and seek to secure you in finding a home on any of our specialty market areas and beyond.

5. Finding a Home: Let’s make a deal!!!!!

There is nothing more exciting to AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. and to our Realtors when we are able to help the buyer secure the home of their dreams! Our Realtors are knowledgeable about recent sales in our specialty market areas and beyond, who can therefore help you with your negotiations with the seller. AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. strives to have our offers negotiated and completed within a 72 hour period. At AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. we know that your time is valuable. Our Realtors will keep you informed throughout the entire transaction.

6. Finding a Home: Let’s go to closing!!!!!!!!!

Because our Realtors at AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. are experts in the following real estate markets: Fort Worth, Southlake, Keller, Dallas, Bedford, Azle, Grapevine, Colleyville, Burleson, Plano, Euless, Lake Worth, Aledo, Weatherford, Mansfield, Carrollton, Duncanville, Cedar Hill, Lancaster and beyond, we are able to move through the negotiation process quickly and easily. At AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. our Realtors will guide you through the whole home buying process from pre-approval, finding a home, offer, inspection, loan approval and then finally…..the moment we have all been waiting for……CLOSING on a home.
Closing means that you arrive at the title company or attorney’s office with the amount of money you need to cover your down payment and closing costs (as designated by your Lender) in the form of a cashier’s check, your driver’s license or some form of official identification, and your writing hand!
At closing you will sign all of the Lender required documents for you to receive your loan and get the keys to your new house. But, don’t worry your AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. Realtor will be with you the whole step of the way, including at closing! At AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. we believe in providing a higher standard of service to our customers and clients. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about as long as one of our Realtors is representing you for your home purchase in our specialty areas and beyond.

7. Finding a Home: Time to move!!!!

Now comes the best part of all! MOVING DAY! This is the day all of our hard work has been for! At AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. we take pride in helping people reaching their goal of homeownership. We know that our job is completed and completed well when this day arrives!
Our realtors at AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. believe in the power of referral. Therefore, your AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. Realtor will ask you for a referral of someone you know that may be buying or selling a home. Because you will be so happy with your Realtor, you will be happy to help them grow their business with a referral of a family member or a friend who will also need assistance in finding a home!!!
Teresa has completed the ABR Accredited Buyer Representative Course with a score of 88%. She is a certified Buyer’s Agent by Real Estate Buyer`s Agent Council (REBAC).
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