Foreclosure and Short Sale

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    The economic downturn left many homeowners holding the bag, so to speak, on properties that they had paid too much for, and as a result, owed more than the homes were worth. Many homeowners simply choose to walk away from the stress of homeownership thus resulting in the property going into the process of foreclosure and short sale. However, some choose to try to do the right thing by their lender and work with a specialized Realtor that could help them sale the home for less than what was owed and work with the lender to write off the amount of the difference without resulting in a foreclosure on their credit. This is where AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. and its team of experts steps in to help both the lender and the homeowner that is under water.
    AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. real estate professionals have been trained in every aspect of the foreclosure and short sale process. We have literally helped hundreds of homeowners and lenders sale their properties and clear the debt off their books. We are certified Foreclosure Specialist and Short Sale Specialist through the National Association of Realtors. As well as, we have many other certifications from the REO (foreclosure) industry.
    Some of our foreclosure lender clients include: JP Morgan Chase Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Ocwen Mortgage, The Veterans Association and many more.
    Our lender clients require we meet their expectations with flying colors or they will not send any more business our way. We must satisfy their weekly report requirement, inspect the properties weekly, manage the home buy putting utilities in our own names, and get them a buyer client that can successfully make it to the closing table. They do not trust their assets to just any agents, and we at AmeriPlex Realtors, Inc. are on their Preferred Broker Lists.
    We are also a Preferred Broker for Agent Short Sale Finder where homeowners are referred by their lenders to find a Certified Short Sale Agent. We have helped countless homeowner’s sale their homes through short sale and successfully make it to the closing table.
    So, whether you are a lender looking for a Certified Agent to help you sale your foreclosure asset, or a homeowner looking for a Certified Short Sale Agent, you have come to the right place. You can trust your property with us!

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