Luxury Real Estate

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When Only The Best Will Do!”


How to Choose an Agent for Luxury Real Estate in North Texas That Fits Your Needs

Selling luxury real estate in North Texas area in today’s market takes not only knowledge and professionalism, but expertise that understands the demands and needs of high end buyers and sellers. Luxury real estate is an entity all on its own and requires the understanding of a professional that can communicate effectively with the expectations of high end consumers and sellers.

Looking for the best agent of Luxury Real Estate in North Texas

Teresa von Illyes not only has knowledge about luxury real estate in North Texas area, but also because of her knowledge of the latest technologies, appliances, and luxury living demands puts her on top of her game and in high demand with those that want a professional in their corner.
Teresa’s knowledge of luxury communities, personal contact with luxury builders and designers, and long list of extremely satisfied clients makes her the ONLY choice for you if you want the BEST in the business representing you for either buying or selling in this special niche market.
Trained with the highest level of standards and by some of the TOP luxury real estate training institutes, Teresa von Illyes is the RIGHT choice for all of your needs in luxury real estate in North Texas, Fort Worth, Dallas, Ellis and beyond. Her unwavering tenacity and ability to communicate with the most difficult buyers and sellers makes her the BEST IN HER CLASS.

When Selling your Luxury Real Estate in North Texas Select the Best Luxury Agent

“Selling luxury real estate takes more than just sticking a sign in the yard,” states Teresa. “You have to be able to identify the hot buttons for consumers and sellers and make the right suggestions about the latest demands that consumers desire. Not everyone can sell luxury real estate, when I walk into a home, I think ‘would I live here?’ and if the answer is no then I cannot in good conscious suggest that my client buy the property. Let’s face it….there are a lot of BIG homes that claim to be luxury real estate because of the square footage of the home, but at the end of the day, was the home built with quality? Is it something that the consumer will buy?
There are so many factors, I think of it more like algebra. How are the windows? Are the bones of the home any good? Are the appliances the best of the best or are they top end budget appliances? All of those are big factors when someone is looking at spending half a million dollars or more for a home. Living in a luxury home or in a luxury community means more than just purchasing a piece of real estate. It is about lifestyle and the goals of each individual buyer and seller. Many luxury consumers work from their home and require special rooms, wiring, or media that must be considered when looking at buying or selling a luxury home. Additionally, convenience to air transportation whether private or public is another huge factor in the equation when searching for luxury real estate.”
Obviously, Teresa’s knowledge and professionalism is why hundreds of buyers and sellers have chosen her to represent them in their luxury real estate in North Texas transactions and beyond. So, whether you are buying or selling a luxury home, look for the best luxury agent, Teresa von Illyes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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